Delivering only in UK & Pakistan for now | FREE delivery | FREE customisation (Limited time offer)


Why do I need to pre-order?

As a mini sized business, we are unable to hold inventories. Hence you need to pre-order. Please bear with us while we create scale in our business to be able to support inventories. 

What are the delivery charges?

As an introductory offer all our deliveries and returns are free!

Can I customize my order size?

Yes! We want to make sure we cater to all body types and sizes, as we are a very new business we are unable to include all sizes as part of our range. But here’s where our customization comes in, we allow customization (mainly size driven) for our clothes.

All you need to do when you place the order is select C for size. and leave your email address in comments. We will then contact you with a sizing template and we move on from there.

How can I change my order size?

For orders already delivered: You will need to do a returns process and place the order for a new size

For orders placed but not delivered: Please email us: with your order number and desired change in size. You can only do this upto 96 hours after you have placed the order. 

Customized orders cannot be returned or exchanged

Where are your clothes made in?

All our pieces are handcrafted in Pakistan, by local artisans. As we expand we intend to include more local female artisans in order to provide livelihood for their families and themselves

Does etho deliver worldwide?

We are currently only available to order in UK and Pakistan. However, we are very excited to eventually expand our geographic availability, hopefully with your continued support we can do that soon! Till then UK and Pakistan it is.

How long do I wait to get my order delivered?

After you place the order, it will take us 4-6 weeks to get the order to you. We appreciate your patience.

Can I cancel my order?

You have the opportunity to cancel your orders up to 48 hours after you placed them. Please email this form directly to with your order number and cancellation reason.

How can I return my purchase?

Please email us on ‘’ with your order number and invoice. We aim to get back to you within 3 working days with a return label. Once we receive the returned item, your payment will be credited in your account within 15 working days - depending on your bank.

We accept returns/exchanges of all except customized size orders.

Please note our returns are FREE and we intend to keep it that way as long as possible :)

What conditions do I have to meet to be eligible for returns?

You have to ensure your clothes meet the following conditions to be eligible for return

  • no sign of damage (including color, wear & tear)
  • tag intact
  • no heavy perfume or embedded odour in the garment 
  • standard size and not customized

Are these prices inclusive of tax?

Yes. All our prices are inclusive of tax. So make the most of our attractive prices!

Are you open for any collaboration? 

Yes absolutely. However it has to be in line with our brand values and what we stand for. Net net it should do good in the world. If you have such a collab in mind please do get in touch on

What is the best way to wash my etho pieces?

Please handwash, cold separately or dry clean. We are working on making our clothes more washing machine friendly. Please bear with us while we work on it.