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Our Story

Each to her own is our dream project which has brought to life our passion and love for beautifully crafted clothing. It has been many many years in the making bringing with it a desire to shatter stereotypes associated with dressing in a certain way and finding a way to do good for the world by empowering women financially and emotionally in the process.

Injela Ahmad

Growing up clothes were the most exciting part of my day, my mother who is great at stitching would create the most beautiful creations for me to wear. Fast forward to today, alongside my corporate career, the love for clothing remains usually manifested in browsing clothing stores for hours but also daydreaming about ETHO (which seemed very unreal back then). Two facets of the fashion world have really bothered me. The first one is very functional i.e. limited availability of clothing that’s both modest and fashionable, while mainstream brands at attempting this has been half-hearted so ends up looking like cultural appropriation. The second is more philosophical yet very real and it is to do with how women are judged based on how they dress. We want to create chic, covered up and slightly edgy clothing for women who choose to dress that way and for the all women we want to create a judgement free environment where women are not objectified and are recognized for the unique role they all play in the world today.

Zubaida Khanum

A woman with unparalleled energy and social skills like no other. Zubaida is a mother of four children who have all grown up wearing beautifully designed clothing from frocks with frills and matching hats to kurtas with pleats and bows often stitched by her. She would design and stitch clothing with such finesse that most women in the family would request her to replicate the designs for them. She has a keen eye for fabrics and intuitively getting the combination of fabric and cuts right.
To-date she designs most of the clothes for the women in her family and etho has only been possible because of her effort and her passion for beautiful clothing.
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