Delivering only in UK & Pakistan for now | FREE delivery | FREE customisation (Limited time offer)

What Sets Us Apart

As we have just started our journey for doing good in this world, we wanted to share with you all what we look like at the starting line!

Our Vision

We believe that empowerment starts with having a choice and we want to give women back the choice to dress how they want to without judgement or being influenced by other’s expectation of them.

We want to provide clothing that is chic, covered up/modest with a hint of edginess for women who choose to dress that way.

And for every woman we want to remove the judgement that comes with their clothing choices by taking the conversation beyond their clothing to their achievements and who they are!

Our Fundamentals

Chic, covered up/modest & a little edgy clothing 

Each statement piece has been curated while keeping in mind the latest trend and combining it with women’s’ preference to cover up

While ensuring there’s some character in each of our limited edition pieces

We hope you agree :)

Handmade for exceptional quality & durability

Each piece is handmade by local artisans who are very proud of their craft

We want to give you bang for your buck, so we would never sell to you something that we won’t wear ourselves - and mind you, we are fussy!

 Fully recyclable & reusable packaging

We know this is not enough but it’s a start. As a bonus we can tell you how to use our packaging in creative ways

Our vision is to eventually biodegradable packaging…we will get there together

    Customisation where needed

    We offer customised to your size clothing in most cases for an additional charge of up to £10. As an introductory offer for limited time period we are offering this for free

       Our women only crew

      We are a predominantly women run business, created by women for women

      Limited edition collections

      As a startup we buy raw material in limited quantities so our clothes are limited edition. This way we can ensure that ideally you and your friend won’t end up wearing the same clothes at a party

        One for the Society

        #morethan community: A community of women who support each other and talk about their achievements rather than what they’re wearing
        Support artisans: Our clothing is made in Pakistan and we ensure local artisans are paid fairly for this 
        Freedom through clothing project: We employ local artisanal women to do embroidery on our clothes proving employment and support
        1% pledge: we will donate 1% of our profits to women’s education in impoverished communities in South Asia

          Our values

          free-spirited | exuberant | kind & genuine